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  It allows you to register any contribution.

Firstly,enter an existing register number and click the SHOW button.The details of that member will be displaying in the appropriating fields.The details consist of Date of payment made upto,last payment date,pending amount or advance payment made,last payment place and previous payment details of that member.

Secondly,enter the current payment and click the PAY button.A conformation message will be displayed.If all the details are correct,click the OK button.Otherwise click the CANCEL button.

The amount will save , the status will be changed to Received and the receipt print screen will be appeared.

The print receipt screen shows two receipt vouchers.One for the member and other for the akshaya center.Automaticaly generates akshaya service charge and a voucher number in the receipt.If the amount is less than 500/-,the service charge will be 6/-.If the amount is between 500/- and 1000/-,the service charge will be 11/- .If the amount is greater than 1000/-,the service charge will be15/-.

Three Status in Akshaya

1.The payment made - Received

2.Transfer is done - Transfered

3.The payment will approve by pravasi welfare fund board - Approved